About The Photographer

My name is Greg & I am a professional photographer.

What does that mean today? Just about everyone who buys a fancy DSLR camera and takes some nice photos of their kids, their neighbors kids or maybe a cousin's or close friend's wedding is a professional photographer, right??

Well I'm not going to bore you with how a "real" professional photographer, has spent years of study, has to up keep gear and computers, has a business licenses, insurance and pays taxes on the money they collect from you. Yes all of those things are important and a professional has to have those things. I do have all of those things and one more very important thing, experience. Countless times I have seen the most well planned wedding schedule turned on it's head. That's when I will be a rock for you, all while capturing outstanding and moving images.

Since the beginning my goal has been to create extraordinary images and give my clients the type personal service and attention that is so hard to find in today’s busy world while making sure you have a good time along the way. I have over 25 years experience as a photographer and my goal is to put you at ease and let you be yourself. Whether a wedding celebration or a portrait session I strive to create images that will not only capture a moment in time but will also tell the moments story.

Wedding Photography

I have always felt that it is my privilege to be there for the bride and groom and their families, not that I am honoring them with my presence at their wedding. It is a fine line I have chosen to tread to be able to keep the day organized and moving all while capturing unique and memorable images without becoming too intrusive.

My style of wedding photography is a good mix of photojournalistic and contemporary portraiture in both color and black and white. But most of all, fun! Give me a call to check on availability and details.

Portrait Photography

Portraits should not only be a reminder of how we were but an emotional link to our past that we leave to our future. Again simple clothing is the best, for larger family groups a coordinating color theme looks great! Portraits can be created at your home inside or out or at a location of your choice.

Children Photography

Young children can find having their portrait taken intimidating so don’t worry if the first time doesn’t go smoothly, I have plenty of patience and will take as much time as necessary with your child to capture that perfect moment. Your child should be the center of attention the best portraits can be the simplest. Remember being a kid is all about fun, casual clothes and bare feet can’t be beat!

Senior Photography

Senior portraits should be as individual as you are. I encourage you to bring what you feel comfortable in as much as what mom would like to see you in. Bring in your own props, or bring a friend and let’s make an afternoon of it. 

While most of my clients are from Bloomington Normal and the surrounding areas I am available for wedding, portrait and commercial assignments throughout Illinois, the Midwest and beyond.